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Beach of Scalo Mandrie -- The coast of Portopalo of Capo Passero gives to the visitors a very particular morphology, alternating long sandy beaches to fascinating and suggestive bluffs, with ravines, little beaches and caves that open on the sea. Scalo Mandrie, really in town, is the zone that offers this landscape variety of rock and sand in a scenery that enchants. After a line of bluff, there is a small beach (really under the Terraces of Two Seas square) known by the inhabitants of the place with the name of "Puzziddu" (that is "Little Shaft"). Continuing, there is the principal beach ("U Cuoddu", that is "The Neck"). The game of the sea tides often moves the sand, giving so to the beach always new forms.
THE ISLAND OF CAPO PASSERO is a real naturalistic pearl. It is placed really in front of the beach of Scalo Mandrie, and you enters it through a special service of little ships: some small boat-shuttle take the visitors to Scalo mandrie, near the "Madonnina Stella Maris", and they accompany them on the island to spend their day of relax. In the part of the island in front of the country, there are the stores of an old estabilishment for the working of the tuna, really behind the enchanting beach. In the opposite part the island is instead rocky, offering small caves and natural ravines that, with the reflexes of the sea, has fascinating and suggestive games of light. --
Island of Capo Passero
Tide' Island -- THE ISLAND OF TIDES is around 7 kms from the inhabited center. More than a real island, it is with a big rock-cliff nevertheless very important for the navigation because there the presence of a lighthouse. In this zone there are long beaches with crystalline waters and sights that, for the particular vegetation (typical of the African coasts) and for the presence of sandy dunes, recall to the mind exotic landscapes. The island of the Tides is the preferred zone for who wants to relax himself to direct contact with the nature, away from crowded and noisy places, but it is also the preferred place also for the one who loves to practise surf and windsurf in the winter months, for the favorable climatic conditions.
The beach of CARRATOIS PUNTO RIO is the natural continuation of the beach the island of the Tides. It' a long sandy shore littoral of some kilometer characterized by very fine sand and a little deep sea (it needs to go enough away from the coast to find the tall water), ideal conditions for families with children. The final line of the beach is very known by the tourists and also by the people of the place for the presence of natural heaps of clay that a lot of people like to strew on body. From a few years the presence of equipped kioskes favors the comfort of the swimmers. The sunsets of Carratois are not be missed absolutely. --
Carratois sunset
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