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The Beach of Scalo Mandrie -- Greek, Romans, Arabs, Phoenician, Turkish, Spanish, Norman: the list of the people that ploughed this sea and that have trodden this ground it is really long and variegated. The rests of an ancient Greek Roman tunny-fishing nets recovered to Scalo Mandrie, really behind the homonym beach, and those about a paleocristianas necropolis testify that Portopalo of Capo Passero was ago already very important inhabited center so many centuries, above all for its strategic position in the heart of the Mediterranean. The beach of the town is also historically known as point of landing and unloading of the Allies that really from here, in July of 1943, began the Husky operation.
It's without doubts true that the zone in the south extreme of the province in Syracuse, where everything the country now resides, was very already frequented in past times, but it is also true that they were people that did not stay. Portopalo, whose ancient name was Noble Earth, was founded (how stable housing nucleus) around the end of 1700 by the baron Don Gaetano Deodato Moncada that, to own expenses, built the first one hundred houses near the tunny-fishing nets. Then, the town became suburb village of Noto (a near city), and then passed under Pachino (another near city), from which it released it in 1975 becoming Autonomous Common and assuming the complete name of Portopalo of Capo Passero. --
The Ancient Tunny-Fishing nets of Capo Passero
Team of the boats race -- The long Vittorio Emanuele way ideally cuts the town in two parts, connecting the extremities of it: Scalo Mandrie (important tourist destination, note for its beaches and bluffs) on one side, and the the Fishing Port (very important for the economy of the town) from the other. Portopalo is divided in four Neighborhoods (Scalo Mandrie, Fishing Port, Canalazzo-Pizzuta, Lighthouse Cozzo Spadaro) that every year, within the summer, they play the Palio of the Sea, a boats race in honor of St. Gaetano, Patron of the town. The Palio of the Sea, (in dialect "Cursa re Varchi" that means "Run of the Boats") is one of the so many demonstrations that cheer the town summer, together with shows in plaza.
The economy of Portopalo is based above on fishing and agriculture, but the tourist sector is also developed notably in these last years. The fishing fleet of the country, (more one hundred boats of various tonnage) is one of the most important of Sicily, both for the quality and for the quantity of fished; while the agricultural products are very famous and in demand in all the Italian and foreign markets (we remember the famous tomato "Ciliegino" and the tasty one "Costoluto"), so much to be protected by the recognition of Protected Geographical Indication (IGP). About the tourism, Portopalo is a good destination for the tourist that searches of nature and relax in the heart of the Mediterranean. --
The Port of Portopalo of Capo Passero
religious traditions -- Portopalo of Capo Passero has an ancient tradition of popular event. During the day of Immaculate (8 December) there is, for instance, the sale of the "Cuddure", sweets with sugar and sesame prepared by the believers and sold to the auction for then to devolve in beneficence the result. The demonstrations in the period of the Easter are very particular and suggestive. The Thursday Saint, in the church, a group of local choristers tunes up (only with their voices without music) "The Complaint", an ancient popular song in Sicilian dialect about the passion of Christ. To midday of Easter there is then "The Peace", that is the meeting among the statues of the Virgin Mary and the Risen Christ.
Portopalo of Capo Passero
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